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May 28, 2019 11:56 AM

Keystone Release Rate Update and WEATHER ADVISORY 5/28/19 10:00 AM

Keystone Release Rate Update and WEATHER ADVISORY
5/28/19 10:00 AM

As of this morning, the Keystone Dam is still releasing at a rate of 275,000 CFS. The Jenks Emergency Operations Center continues to monitor the water levels closely in our area. This morning we have not had any significant changes regarding water levels, including our creeks.

All people living near the river or near a creek or stream, please stay vigilant and have your Go-Kit ready in case of possible flooding. Your Go-Kit should have a two-week supply of prescribed medication, important documents, identification, clothing, and electronic chargers and devices.

❗️We have received information from the National Weather Service that our area will possibly experience severe weather later afternoon. The forecast includes rain, hail, strong winds, and possible tornadoes. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS AND PREPARE ACCORDINGLY. This includes:

🔹Signing up for our Emergency Alerts, which will immediately alert you with Jenks weather emergencies and other emergency-level information that we send out with urgency. The link to sign up for these alerts is .

🔹Stay tuned to local weather stations. Most also stream their broadcasts on their Facebook pages.

🔹Have your emergency weather plan in place. Know where you will take cover in case of tornado - the best place is in the lowest level of the structure in the most interior room with no windows.

🔹Have all your electronic devices charged and, if possible, have a battery operated radio with you to be able to hear weather updates if you lose power or cellular service.

We will continue to monitor the Jenks area and continue to work with the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency to receive updates. We thank you all for your patience and diligence during this time. Stay tuned to our social media sites and website for continued updates.

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