Construction Project Updates


 ♦   UPDATE: Due to this week's wet weather, the concrete pour has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Friday, March 9th at 5:00 A.M. Your understanding during this inconvenience is appreciated. On Thursday, March 9th at 5:00 AM, Jenks Public School contractors will be doing a concrete pour on the south side of Jenks West Intermediate School. During this time, you may experience some minor delays. 

 ♦  On Monday, Feb. 13th and Tuesday, Feb. 14th, there will be lane closures on Elm Street at the Creek Turnpike and on Aquarium Drive/101st Street for Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) contractor’s to install the new lane striping and do final setup for the new traffic signals at this interchange. The lane closures will be moving as the contractor completes different portions of the project. The contractor should be working on Elm St. between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Before and after that time period the contractors may be working on Aquarium Drive/101st Street or the on/off ramps from the turnpike.

There will be lanes open in all directions and for all turning motions at all times. Expect delays in this area while the work is being performed.  

 ♦  Beginning at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, January 24th, a City contractor will be working on 121st St. from Elm St. to Florence Ave. sealing cracks in the roadway. This work is scheduled to continue through Thursday, January 26th. There will be moving, temporary lane closures where the crew is working. There will be one lane open at all times. Please be aware of flaggers present for traffic control where the crew is working. Expect minor backups or delays at the point of work.  

♦  On January 5, 2017, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) contractors will be working on the East Bound “on ramp” and  the West Bound “off ramp” at Elm St. Beginning at 9:00 AM contractors will close the ramps to install and switch to the new toll equipment. The West Bound “off ramp” should re-open by 11:00 AM. The East Bound “on ramp” should re-open by 1:00 PM. During the ramp closures drivers should use the Riverside Drive or US75 access to the Creek Turnpike.

During this period, OTA contractors will also be working on the traffic signals on Elm St.. Elm St. will be restricted to one lane in each direction and the traffic signals will be inoperable. There will be 4-way stop signs set up at the ramps and 101st/Aquarium Drive on Elm Street. Lane closures will be shifting throughout the day as needed to complete the required work. All work should be completed that afternoon.  

Oklahoma Highway Patrol will be present on the turnpike to help with traffic control on the highway. Contractor employees will be present on Elm Street moving traffic control signs and barricades as needed to provide a safe work zone for the workers.

During this construction activity expect delays and shifting lane closures.

If weather prevents this work from taking place on January 5th it will be rescheduled for January 10th

♦  On Wednesday, Oct. 26th, there will be a partial lane closure on S. Elm St. from 101st St. to the south side of the Creek Turnpike interchange due to construction activity related to the turnpike interchange. The affected lane will be the westernmost (outside) southbound lane of Elm St. This closure will be in effect from 9 AM until 2:30 PM.

Delays should be expected during this period.

The intersection of 101st and Elm will remain open to traffic and the signals will remain operational.

The aerial below shows where the new curb will be poured. Red line is the new curb, blue line is the approved lane closure.

♦  Beginning on Monday, October 10th, the contractor for the Downtown Commons will have 2nd St. from A Street to the alley between A St. & Main St. closed for construction of park related parking areas. This closure will be effective until the middle of November.

The portion of 2nd St. from the alley to Main St. will remain open and alley access at 2nd St. will remain open throughout this process.  

♦  Tulsa County notified the City they will return on Thursday, September 22, to complete the resurfacing project on 121st Street from Elm to 131st Street and Harvard and on South Elwood from Polecat Creek to Main Street.

This final phase will be the application of a black polymer sealer sprayed over the current rock surface. The sealer will encapsulate the rock.  Once it has dried it will be similar in finish to asphalt. One lane will be blocked off to traffic as the sealer coat is applied. The sealer will require approximately 1 hour to dry before traffic is allowed to drive on the new surface.

For subdivisions with only one point of entry and exit onto 121st Street, such as Skyline, Oak Hill, Aberdeen Lakes, Vintage Oaks & Featherstone, a special application of black sand will be applied to the sealer which will require 15 minutes of drying time and provide expedited access to the subdivisions. We request residents in subdivisions with multiple access points to avoid 121st Street during this process. 

Tulsa County will start at one end of the project and apply one lane all the way to the other end of the project and then repeat on the other lane. There will be one lane open at all times with flaggers present at each end of the work zone.

Expect delays and plan alternate routes through your subdivisions to avoid the blocked entrances while this process is taking place.

Thank you for your patience while this work is being completed


Click on image to englarge.


♦  Due to construction activity on the Creek Turnpike off ramps, Aquarium Drive/101st St. from 1st St. (at the railroad tracks) to Elm St. will be close throughout the remainder of the construction process on this project. Access to the Oklahoma Aquarium with be a detour north to Main St. then east to 9th St. then north to Aquarium Drive at the entrance to Riverwalk Crossing. Signs are in place for this detour route.


♦  On Tuesday September 6th, contractors will be resurfacing streets from 121st & Elm to Florence to 126th, 126th to Harvard and then to 131st and Harvard. Work will begin at about 7AM and should be complete by midafternoon. 

Upon completion of 121st St. resurfacing, crews will move to S. Elwood and work from Polecat Creek bridge to Main St. This work should begin midafternoon and end by 5PM. If circumstance require Elwood to be completed on Wednesday they will begin at 7AM and work until completion.

One lane will be open at all times. Flaggers will be present and the lane closures will be moving as the crew completes each section of the road. 

♦ Beginning on Sunday, August 14th until Sunday August 21st, contractors will have the outside lanes on the Arkansas River bridge closes from 9PM until 5AM each night for painting of the bridge. Each morning all traffic cones and signs will be removed from the bridge until the next nights work begins. Click on image to enlarge. 

♦ On Tuesday, July 26th at beginning at 9AM contractors and PSO plan to have the electrical power off to the traffic signals at 101st and Elm for up to 3 hours to perform a planned switch over from the old signals to the new signals as part of the Creek Turnpike interchange improvements. During this period the intersection will be a 4-way stop. Expect some traffic delays during this period. Traffic control will be provided by the contractor.

♦ Effective July 20, Aquarium Drive/ 101st St. will be closed for construction from 7th St. to the southernmost entrance to the Oklahoma Aquarium.
Access to the Oklahoma Aquarium from the Creek Turnpike/ OK 364 will be north on Elm to Main St., East on Main St. to 9th St./Riverfront Drive, North on Riverfront Drive then East on Aquarium Drive.

Access to the Creek Turnpike/ OK 364 from the Oklahoma Aquarium will be North on Aquarium Drive to Riverfront Drive, North on Riverfront Drive to “A” St., West on “A” St. to Cedar St, North on Cedar St. to Main St., West on Main St. to Elm St., South on Elm to the Creek Turnpike/OK 364.

This closure and detour will remain in effect until further notice for construction activity.

Please see the map below of the closure and the detour routes. Click on image to enlarge.

♦  Creek Turnpike Project
Currently under construction and funded by the OTA. Project will reconfigure the Creek Turnpike/Elm Street interchange by deleting one set of stop lights and making a Texas Turn Around loop to provide better access to the River District and Oklahoma Aquarium.  Completion is expected in May 2017.

♦  City Portion of Frontage Road Project
Currently under construction and funded by the City of Jenks.  This project will continue an access road from Elm Street to the River District then under the Creek Turnpike and connect to 101st Street by the Oklahoma Aquarium.  This project is expected to be completed by January 2017.

♦  Main Street - Elm Street to U.S. 75
This project has been designed and is currently in the utility relocation phase.  All utilities should be relocated by Fall 2016.  This project should be awarded to contractor by early 2017.

♦  Pedestrian Bridge Repainting Project
This project has been awarded to a contractor to repaint the Pedestrian Bridge.  Completion is expected by Fall 2016.

♦  111th – Elwood to U.S. 75
This project is in the design phase.  The concept is to construct a 5-lane intersection with left turn lanes and full signalization and to make 111th Street 3 lanes. Acquisition of right of way should be complete by Fall 2016 and construction start by Summer 2017.

♦  Elwood (Main to 111th)
This project is being designed.  The concept is to construct an improved 2-lane street between Main Street and 111th Street.

♦  111th Street Trail (Elm to Elwood)
This is a Vision 2025 extension project presently under design.  Right-of-way acquisition is expected to be completed in the Summer 2016 and construction completed by Spring 2017.

♦  Downtown ADA Sidewalk Project - 3rd Street between Main Street and Aquarium Place
This project is under design and will continue to expand the City’s efforts to make the Downtown area along Main Street and adjacent streets more pedestrian-friendly by adding ADA compliant sidewalks, drainage facilities and paving.

♦  Main Street (Date Street east to TSU Railroad)
The concept of this project is to improve the existing 3 lane configuration of Main Street and add curbing, drainage and landscaping to this portion of downtown.  Final design is expected to be completed by Summer 2017 and under construction in 2019.

♦  Elm Street (111th Street to 131st Street)
Engineering design was recently initiated to expand Elm Street to 5 lanes from 111th Street to approximately 125th Street South and transition to 3 lanes to 131st Street.  A pedestrian trail will be included along the 5-lane segment.  Design is expected to be completed in late 2017.

♦  Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure Master Plan
This project collected data and usage of the City of Jenks sanitary sewer system which was then used to analyze the capacity and efficiency of the system.  That analysis is now being used to prioritize the City’s needs for future capital spending to expand and/or upgrade the sewer system.

♦  Wastewater Treatment Plant Facilities Master Plan
This project will evaluate the use and operation of the wastewater treatment plant.  Information and engineering data will be used to prioritize needs for future capital projects to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant.