Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is utilized for the removal of sediments, trash, debris, leaves and other potential stormwater pollutants from City streets and parking lots. The established schedule for street sweeping is approximately twice a month and after storm events.

Snow & Ice Removal

The City of Jenks will make every reasonable effort to keep streets passable and free of snow and ice, during and after, any winter weather event. These efforts will include using City personnel to operate truck-mounted plows and sand spreaders and other necessary equipment, and to hire private contractors, as needed, to maintain safe streets for our citizens and visitors. City personnel is on call and subject to callout 24 hours a day for such emergencies.


All snow and ice routes are to be addressed in order of priority. Priority 1 will be completed to a satisfactory condition where most drivers should be capable of driving on the roadway in a safe manner. This does not mean that all snow and ice will necessarily be removed, but that the roadways will be plowed and sanded to allow cautious drivers to be able to negotiate the streets. As each priority level is satisfactorily completed, the next priority list will be added to the previous one.