Patrol Division

Our Patrol Division Officers, from the Chief of Police to Police Officer, are trained to provide a high visibility police presence and 24/7 police service to the community. These are the officers you see on a daily basis on the streets of our community.

Goal of the Patrol Division

One of the goals of the Patrol Division is to provide professional, effective and responsive police service to the community. The Department emphasizes pro-active problem-solving policing in which officers are responsible for not only pro-actively detecting problems or issues in the community, but even more importantly they are responsible for developing solutions to those problems or issues by working in partnerships with members of the community.

Patrol Vehicles

Our Patrol Division Officers use marked black and white police vehicles, to include cars and sport utility vehicles. The black and white police vehicles are each outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment including front and rear-mounted radar speed detection units, in-car cameras, less-than-lethal alternative firearms and a variety of firearms designed to be selected for the specific circumstances of an incident. 

Diverse Responsibilities

This is only a very brief overview of the Patrol Division and its responsibilities. In fact, the responsibilities of the Patrol Division are as diverse, as flexible as the ever-changing demands of each call for police service. One call for police service, one interaction between a Police Officer and a member of the community, is never the exactly the same as the next call for service or the next interaction.