Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Process

  1. Complaint is received from public.
  2. Complaint is logged into system and ownership of property is determined according to current Tulsa County Assessor records.
  3. Field personnel are given a notice to investigate the property to determine whether complaint violates City Code. Field personnel will take pictures and gather evidence.
  4. The City will notify the property owner and/or tenant of any violation of City Code via mail with a 10-day time period to correct violations or to make arrangements to correct violations.
  5. After the deadline expires, field personnel re-inspect the property.
  6. If the property is still not in compliance with City Code it will be scheduled for the next Administrative Hearing. The property owner must, by state law, be given written notice at least 10 days prior to the hearing by certified mail and by posting a notice on the property.
  7. At the Administrative Hearing evidence will be presented to the Board, which will determine whether or not the property is in compliance with City Code. If the Board determines that the property is in violation, the Board will determine a deadline for the property owner to take all necessary actions to be in compliance. This deadline, by state law, must be at least 10 days.
  8. After the deadline has expired, the City may then cause the clean-up of the property and invoice the property owner actual costs incurred by the City to perform the clean-up of the property.

Nuisance & Zoning Complaint Form

View a downloadable PDF file of the Nuisance and Zoning Complaint Form (PDF).