Water Bill

Please follow these steps for setting up the water/waste for your home or business:

1. Please fill out the Water Application Form.  This form also includes set up for Waste Water Removal and Waste Only Removal.  If you are a Creek County customer and only use the City of Jenks for Waste Removal services, please complete the form.

2. Once you complete and sign the application, please deliver it to the Utility Desk at Jenks City Hall.

All new and transfer-of-service applicants must submit the Water Application Form to the Utility Desk at Jenks City Hall and show valid photo ID to be eligible for utility service.

3. To comply with Federal regulations that help to prevent citizen identity theft and fraudulent utility accounts, the City of Jenks will need to see a valid form of photo identification when the application is submitted to the Utility Desk at Jenks City Hall. 

The City of Jenks accepts valid Driver’s License or any other accepted form of official photo ID that is considered valid. 


All of our active accounts do require a deposit. The deposit cannot be waived with a letter of credit. It is refundable. If you are a Landlord, ask about our convenient Landlord deposit program.


Deposits Prices are as follows:

  • Waste Removal only: $20
  • All Residential: $120
  • Commercial: $220


Applications need to be in by 2:00 PM the day of service, if you need to have service on by today, please make sure to have it in by 2:00 PM.