Wastewater Capital Projects

106th & elm street lift station and forcemain

UPDATE (1/17/2024) - Staff provided review comments on the preliminary plans and is still reviewing the preliminary specifications.

UPDATE (12/20/2023)- The preliminary plans and specifications should be submitted for review by end of this week.


UPDATE (1/17/2024) - Staff is reviewing the 90% plans and specifications submitted last week.

UPDATE (03/22/2023)- Consultant is finalizing the geotechnical scope with their subcontractor.

UPDATE (10/05/2022) - Staff has provided review comments to the consultant on their second submitted drawings.


UPDATE (1/17/2024) - The final walkthrough meeting was held on January 11 and a punch list has been generated.

UPDATE (12/20/2023)-

The contractor is working to finish all on-site work this week and has scheduled a final walk through for January 11, 2023.


  *electrical contractor continued electrical work on aeration basin

  * general contractor installed the remaining 6-inch of drain line

  *finished piping in existing headworks

  *started grading and installing new pavement

  *demolished existing headwork gates

  *installed 17-inch gate at existing headworks

  *began demolishing and making modifications to existing lab/electrical room

  *cleaned out FEB

Aeration Basin:

  *continued installing handrail/catwalk

  *completed insulation and start-u of aeration brushes

  *deragged the aeration basin and installed the dissolved oxygen probes

Electrical Building:

  *completed the VFD demonstration and training

UPDATE 05/17/2023

      Construction Updates:

          o Headworks Structure:

                  continued installing electrical and control wiring for equipment,

                  pump start-up occurred on April 27,

                  gate/screw compactor start-up on May 2,

                  electrical contractor (TGE) started ground rings;

          o Sitework:

                 TGE continued installing cable tray,

                 installed 24-inch FEB emergency overflow,

                 TGE started electrical work on FEB flowmeter,

                 FEB gate and aeration basin;

          o UV Structure:

                 TGE started running cable to equipment,

                 TGE started ground rings;

          o Influent Flow Meter Vault:

                completed electrical and I&C installation;

          o Effluent Flow Meter Vault:

                continued electrical and I&C installation;

          o Electrical Building:

                continued installation of electrical equipment,

                TGE received 12 of 12 VFDs and installed them,

                Installed sidewalk,

                Switchgear startup,

                VFD startup,

                HVAC startup.

 Other Updates:

Due to a delayed receipt of some electrical equipment (variable frequency drives and programmable logic controllers), the contractor has submitted a time-extension only request (change order) to extend the substantial completion by 154 calendar days making the substantial completion date 11/1/23.  The contractor plans on starting up the new headworks by the end of May.