Who do I call if my car is impounded?

Call the Jenks Police Department at 918-299-6311, option 0 to find out which towing company towed your vehicle. Some vehicles may have a ‘hold’ put on them for various reasons such as needing tags brought up to date or for investigative purposes. If there is no ‘hold’, you can deal directly with the towing company to obtain your vehicle. If your vehicle has a ‘hold’, once the conditions of the ‘hold’ have been resolved the vehicle owner will need to go to  the Jenks Police Department’s Dispatch/Communications window, located at:
211 N Elm Street (East end of the City Hall building)
Jenks, OK 74037 

There you will present your state-issued ID along with the vehicle title or registration, obtain an impound release form from the dispatcher on duty; the towing company will require the release form before they will release the vehicle. You will need to contact the towing company directly to find out what other documentation they will require before releasing your vehicle.

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