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Film Permit Application


  1. 1. Application Information
  2. 2. General Rules and Electronic Signature
  3. 3. Review
  • Application Information

    1. City of Jenks
    2. Summary of Production
    3. Production Category*
    4. Production Includes: *
    5. Production Manager, Applicant and Location Manager Information
    6. Production Timeline and Lane/Street Closure Information
    7. If you do not have closures, enter none 

    8. Are you using Traffic Barricade Company:*
    9. Additional Information/Secondary Permits Required
    10. Using Tent/Canopy on-site?:*

      *If Yes, Must apply for Tent Permit.*

    11. Does your Production include the use of Fireworks, Rockets, Lasers, or other Pyrotechnics? *

      *If Yes, Must apply for fireworks permit* 

    12. Using drone on-site? *
    13. Type of License:
    14. Will your Production include the use of any Signs, Banners, or Special Lighting? *
    15. Cast/Crew Parking *
    16. Parking Locations:
    17. Using City, County or Private Park?*
    18. Using Portable Toilets? *
    19. Using Security/Police? *
    20. Using Medical Services? *
    21. Using Fire Department? *
    22. Mitigation of Impact
    23. Have you met with the residents, businesses, places of worship, schools and other entities that may be directly impacted by your production? *
    24. Do you have a sample of the notice that you propose to distribute to the impacted entities? *