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Special Event Application


  1. 1. Special Event Application Instructions
  2. 2. Application
  3. 3. Event Coordination & Consideration
  4. 4. Event Overview
  5. 5. Affidavit of Application
  6. 6. Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Special Event Application Instructions

    1. Jenks City Seal
    2. MPO Jeren Luttrell
      PO Box 2007
      211 N Elm St Jenks OK, 74037
    3. Special Event Applications are submitted for review and approval for events conducted on a public property, public right of way or easement, and/or events that require the use of other public resources. This application is required on all such events within the City of Jenks and must be submitted 90 days before the event (exceptions may be granted for special, unusual circumstances). There is no fee for a Special Event Application or its approval.
    4. The point of contact during the application process will be MPO Jeren Luttrell; his contact information is listed above. He will be glad to answer questions and offer guidance during this process to insure that your submitted application packet is complete with all required documentation.

    5. Once the completed application packet has been accepted, a date will be scheduled for the applicant to present their plan to the Special Events Committee. The Committee will send its recommendation regarding the event to the City Council, who will vote to approve or deny the event. You may attend the City Council meeting for your event’s City Council review. Agendas are displayed at the City of Jenks City Hall at 211 N. Elm and online at
    6. An application approval does not imply city sponsorship. The applicant will be responsible for any extra ordinary costs relating to the public for the event; for example, required city personnel and services, approved barricades, directional signage, adequate cleanup, and/or damages occurring to city property and/or facilities. The applicant has the responsibility to be aware of and comply with City Ordinances and Regulations including, but not limited to, Curfew Ordinance, County/City Public Health Regulations, police safety requirements, and insurance coverage requirements.