Burn Co. BBQ adding location to RiverWalk Crossing, serving dinner

Apr 18, 2017


Burn Co. BBQ is coming to RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks.

“I’ve wanted to open another restaurant for a long time, but I’ve been patient about it,” said owner Adam Myers, who is shooting for a Fourth of July opening. “This was the first place that offered everything I wanted.

“The space is 5,500 square feet and is about half kitchen. That’s unusual for most restaurants, but it is perfect for what I do.”


Myers cooks exclusively on Hasty-Bake grills, which require an unusual amount of kitchen space.

He said his popular restaurant at 1738 S. Boston Ave. will continue as a lunch-only destination. The new restaurant will serve lunch and dinner.

“I always thought we had too much competition for parking to do dinner at 18th and Boston, but there is plenty of parking at RiverWalk,” Myers said.

“We will be able to do a lot of other things out there, like steaks, pork chops and seafood. It will be more than just barbecue. We also will have a larger takeout meat market.”

Myers said he will have his top pitmaster handle the downtown restaurant while Myers gets the Jenks location off the ground.


“It’s going to take a lot of training, and I need to be there to make sure my level of quality stays up where it needs to be,” he said.

The past few years, original tenants Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Cantina and The Melting Pot have been the only restaurants operating in the near-empty RiverWalk Crossing. A recent rebirth of the shopping center was spearheaded by the nearby Flying Tee. Andolini’s Pizzeria and Maryn’s Taphouse & Raw Bar are scheduled to open soon, followed by Burn Co.


“Andolini’s already does a pizza with our pulled pork, and we’ve been talking about some things we can to together,” Myers said. “I think we have a shared vision of what we can do out there.”