Jenks Fire Department Hosts Unique Training

Nov 05, 2018

All new EMSA paramedics in Tulsa/Jenks area gathered at Jenks Fire Station 2 today.

These first reponders learned how to provide life-saving techniques and procedures in a coordinated high stress environment . It is important for the new paramedics and firefighters receive training in environments of stress to learn how to stay calm and trouble-shoot problems. 

Alf Zeilinger, Clinical Coordinator for EMSA, provides this training every year and has asked Jenks Fire Department to host the past several years.  When asked why he chose Jenks as the training spot, Zeilinger said, "Jenks [Station 2] provides the only opportunity in the region that new paramedics can get hands-on training in real cars with real outside issues."  He is referring to issues like the Jaws of Life, which Jenks Firefighters used on the cars while the medics were treating hypothetical patients.  Other issues the medics and firefighters faced during training were simulated rain, yelling from instructors, and loud noises - all meant to distract and keep their stress level high while they worked.  Three vehicles were used as training equipment and each simulated accident became increasingly more challenging.  

The highlight of the day was when LifeFlight, the area medical helicopter, landed at Station 2 for the medics and firefighters to learn more about how patients are transported and treated in the air.  Most of these medics and firefighters never get to see the inside of a "bird", which is the term used to reference the helicpoter by the first responders. Since they all cover an urban area (Tulsa/Jenks), the helicopter is not utilized as much as those living and working in rural areas.  Therefore, seeing the inside of the helicopter, being able to ask questions, and learning from the LifeFlight crew was a special bonus in an already top notch training.

Jenks Fire Department Chief Greg Ostrum was excited to host again this year and looks forward to the continued partnership between Jenks Fire and EMSA providing this beneficial training.