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1. Where do I pay my ticket?
2. If I pay my ticket by mail, what should I send with my check?
3. Can someone else come and pay a ticket for me?
4. How much is my ticket?
5. How can I protest my traffic ticket?
6. How do I protest a parking ticket?
7. I do not own this vehicle anymore, can you remove my name from this ticket or from a warrant for my arrest?
8. I got a ‘fix-it’ ticket (also known as a ‘Code-4’ ticket); what do I do to get it dismissed?
9. When do I have to pay my fine?
10. What type of payments do you accept?
11. Can I pay my fine online or by phone?
12. Can I pay my ticket and still appear to plead ‘Not Guilty’?
13. What will happen if I don't pay my fine by the due date?
14. What can I do if I need more time to pay my fine?
15. What number do I call about a ticket issued in Jenks by a State Trooper or Tulsa County Sheriff?
16. Will you call the Department of Public Safety and tell them I paid my ticket?